Singapore Management University | Graduated 2017

Candidacy: B.Sc.(Econ) with majors: Economics (Quantitative) and Strategic Management (Entrepreneurship)

Economics courses (18): Introductory Economics, Intermediate Mathematics for Economics, Introduction to Statistical Theory, Intermediate Microeconomics, Economic Development in Asia, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Public Sector Economics, Advanced Macroeconomics, (Latin America Economic History), (Analysis of Economic Environment), (Political Economics), (Behavioral Economics), International Trade, International Macroeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Intermediate Econometrics

Business & strategy courses (10): Business Processes, Financial Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Business Creation, Enterprise Development, Management of People at Work, (Marketing B2B), Corporate Entrepreneurship, Technology Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Innovation, Strategy

University-wide courses (8): Business Government & Society, Creative Thinking, Technology and World Change, Analytical Skills, Management Communication, Computer as an Analysis Tool, Leadership and Team Building, Ethics and Social Responsibility


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