Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore
Short of revealing classified information here, played a demi-important role in advancing Singapore’s trade interests with Latin America & Central Asia, mainly Turkey through a bilateral FTA. Fun exists in government too – organized an interns’ gathering! – Shop Online, Earn Cashback!
First intern at Singapore’s top e-commerce cashback website. Early initiatives in (mainly) partnerships, business analytics, offline marketing, and talent acquisition (highlight: hiring 12 interns in 1.5 weeks). And, of course, a whole range more of other business functions.

Infocomm Development Authority, Singapore
Crunching of large numbers pertaining to employee data. HR, surprisingly (at that point in time) can be so highly quantitative as well. It was where metrics was first taught to me.

Chubb Insurance, Singapore and Labuan
Commercial insurance and personal insurance – it’s important to know both right? Exposure in Accident & Health and Regional Claims was definitely helpful.

Republic of Singapore Navy
Source of inspiration for newly enlisted recruits in the now-defunct Institute of Maritime Operations and Systems. Well, change is the only constant. They’ve all changed from Ah Boys to Men now.


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