Economics and Business
The importance of SMEs and entrepreneurship
“Entrepreneuship ought to start in school. To begin with, society, including parents and teachers, have to banish the dogma of staying on the ‘safe side’, and instead help to identity budding individuals with start-up potential – full of ideas, affiable, energetic, a go-getter, able to get things done. These qualities ought to be developed in school more proactively, and more importantly, get every student involved and interested. In the local context, we could make it more spontaneous and channel our resources to those who are really interested, for instance conducting an elective business study module instead of having a mass activity day.”

Command capitalism: an opinion-editorial
“Dear classicists and laissez-faire economies, your economy is comprised of selfish individuals, be it firms or consumers, which would not self-correct, unless there are benefits for them to do so.”

An “opportunity gap” widening the income gap
“Like how my teacher would rather me enter a mediocre college and stand out there, instead of entering a top college and be mediocre – as I could get more attention and opportunities in such an arrangement. Indeed, in school, those who stand out tend to be those who get attention for nurturing – it occurs to me that those on the top scorer list tend to be those who have participated in one or more academic Olympiad.”

Geopolitics observed in an MRT train in 2012
“Singapore – characterised by me, was awkwardly and uncannily squeezed in between the two most populous nations and two of the world’s largest economies.”

Life in General
The way of life
“To cure yourself of bore, do a little more.
Do not forget to give, love, and adore.”

Talks and dreams – the aspirations of Singapore’s long-tail
“They work so hard to rein in nominal payrolls without a degree whatsoever just to ensure that their children get to university, they have enough for them to marry, and that their aging parents are well-taken care of.”

Two Things
(published on LinkedIn) “Your dreams and your passions have a very special right to be protected; to be shielded from the howling winds of the dark abysses you’ll find out there.”

If you were my friend and had wanted to run two years ago, click here
“Go for a nice hearty brunch and, if you’re serious on improving yourself, keep those junk off the table.” – definitely not part of the regime.


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